A beautiful poem my stepson wrote for me for my birthday

A little poem I wrote for you on your birthday,
I don't really care if it is good or bad because
I love you and thats the truth!

My Stepmum and Me My Stepmum and Me
Me and You, quite fair A mum so sweet, I know you love me sweet and true but not as much as I love you.
A brother you have given me, so golden and cute I love him, right through.
I love him more than sausages and I really love sausages!
A perfect Dad whose lasagne is the best!
And now my sister, the giraffe of shame (a nickname I just made up!),
she gets everyone laughing with her funny jokes!
she really is quite clever! One last person, that's me! very cheeky, but I try my best!
We are all very happy from our heads to our toes!
Happy Birthday!